6 Types Of Bearings
6 Types Of Bearings
How does the world work today? What makes it work the way it does? There are loads of things, like planes, mobile phones, electricity and so forth and so on. What you might not have noticed is the role of ball bearings that allow at least two of the most crucial functions. If they did not exist, we'd not be capable to use our cars. Similarly, engines would not work either. The role of those balls is to reduce the amount of friction in addition to keep the parts in place. Let us read further about the types and uses of bearings. 

You'll find various kinds of bearings in the market. Let us find out about those that play a major part in your routine life. They're most often used. That is the reason you can get them at any hardware store. Radial: this is a straightforward type of bearings that are available in most machines. They feature two metal circles. Between these metal circles, you can find small metal balls. If you wish to see how they look like, you can open up an old drill or skateboard. Pillow Block: This kind of bearing is enclosed in a cabinet that may be connected to a surface that's parallel to the rotational axis. 

Cam Follower: This is another common type of radial load bearing. It features a threaded rod. Usually, it was designed to ride on a cam follower in order to enable linear motion. Nevertheless, their application isn't limited to cam follower only. They've numerous other intriguing uses as well. Ball Bushing: This type is used commonly in order to enable regular movement of the heads of the CNC routers and 3D printers. Unlike the other types, this kind of bearing is utilized in order to restrict radial movement. In the same time, it allows smooth linear movement. 

Automotive Wheel: In general, this kind of bearing is utilized to overcome both the axial and radial load. Thrust: As far as thrust bearings are concerned, they're utilized in automotives. This might have reminded you of bar tools and susans. Aside from this application, they're utilized for a number of other purposes as well, especially machines where smooth rotation is required, like a camera. You do not need to opt for an alternative if your design works great with a simple bearing. 

Nevertheless, you need to have a solid plan to make your system work. If you're in a rush, you may use some type of low friction stuff. For example, you could make use of a Teflon washer as well. If possible, you can also wish to give a go to the low friction coatings.
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