Ball Thrust Bearings
As a general guideline, ball bearings are great of small machines and work well at high speeds while roller bearings are ideal for heavy loads. 

Here are a few further specifications for other types of bearings. Deep groove used for axial and radial loads, the thrust load can be up to two-thirds of the radial load. Angular Contact is made to support both radial and thrust loads as well as heavy thrust loads. Reliant on contact angle. Bearings that have bigger contact angles can withstand heavier loads. Self Aligning typically utilized in radial loads where self-alignment is needed. Extra care should be made when choosing these kinds of bearings to avoid possible failure. Spherical is ideal for heavy radial loads with moderate thrust. 

Their included self-aligning ability is perfect in many applications. One example is Heating and air conditioning fan. Cylindrical use cylinders with specific length and diameter as rolling elements. Perfect for heavy radial loads and free axial movement of the shaft. Taper Bearings are common in thrust and heavy radial loads. It is designed in such a manner that all elements in the track and rolling surface intersect. Where the top system rigidness is necessary, the bearings might be altered for a preload. Thrust Bearings Perfect for low-speed applications where other bearings carry the radial load. 

Straight Roller Bearing these bearings feature a series of short rollers to minimize the scuffing. Scuffing results in the rotation of the rollers. Straight roller bearings are ideal for medium loads and speeds. The shaft can be utilized as the interior race however it must be grounded and hard. For high loads, the complete complement type is used. It is also good for lower speeds and oscillating. 

They do not work well with thrust loads. There's a cage type that's ideal for rotating motions. Even with a guide like this, there are plenty of bearings available on the marketplace it may still be tricky with regards to selection. Fortunately, there are a lot of professionals who may have no problem lending a hand with regards to selection. Further, most machinery comes along with specifications as to which bearing is the most suitable. Obviously, this varies depending upon the conditions. Another important consideration is lubrication for the bearings. There are also several types of lubricant however it plays a vital role in the operation.

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