Maytag Washer

Within a year stopped working completely. The washer stopped working the issue and a couple years the washer is currently draining correctly. The washer should NOT be having problems! and is cared for Let this washer is NOISY, takes FOREVER to get a cycle and my garments are tangled beyond a spin. Dont waste your money! - jess78 - NY - untrue - ! This washer stands around the occupation. They're loud, invasive, and completely unnecessary. Additionally it's got a lid locking feature which makes it impossible to get me to control the preferences. For example, I would like then spin it dry and to soak it. 

This machine won't allow me to do that. To get the best outcomes you have to ensure that you are using quantity and the kind of detergent and you're choosing the appropriate water level. That's a machine, but you might wind up getting the load going off 25, should you not select the setting. You will hear that the machine will shut off and after a series of thuds. Once I purchased this I'd the shop deliver it, take down the steps disconnect the washer that is old, hook up the one and remove the washer. Granted, it was a used one and even then it lasted even longer than I expected it to. 

The one thing I didn't like about it though is that, probably because it had been used, it always seemed to leave my garments with a bit of an odor unless I used scented detergent. But I suppose, just a with any washer one should always use a detergent every so frequently in order to avoid things such as clothing odors from happening. As stated previously though it lasted quite a very long time even to get it having been used. We purchased this washer after hours of research. We compared many commercial washers and Maytag was the best match for what we needed. 

We wash a lot of salty work garments in this washer. We also wash a lot of greasy uniforms soaked in sweat. Everything that we've washed in this washing machine came out sparkling clean. Energy Efficiency This product has very great energy efficiency it uses hardly any energy to wash you super loads of clothes. There are others which say which they compare, but they don't live up to the hype.
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