1 Pc 203KRR2 AG Bearing Fits John Deere JD9214 AN281357 203RRAR10

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Metal Sealed Bearing 203KRR ID 0.64" x OD 1.5748"X inner Width 0.72"/ Outer Width 0.47"(17x40x18.3mm) 3Oz, Temperature up to 120C; Load Rating Cr 10100 N, Cor 4750 N;. Fits: John Deere Drills 450-Series end wheel and folding grain; 455-Series end wheel and folding grain, 515-Series integral soybean and grain, 520-series integral soybean and grain, 730 Air Disk, 730 All-Till, 770 Air, 780 Air, 1520 Integral grain, 1850 No-till Air, 8000-Series, 8500 3 section folding, 9400. John Deere Cultivators 75 folding toolbar row crop, 85-Series folding row crop, 815-Series row crop, 825 row crop, 845 series folding row crop, 856 row crop, 980. John Deere planter 1760, 1780, 7200 MaxEmerge 2, 7300 MaxEmerge 2.John Deere Rotary Hoes 400-Series folding, 415, 420, 428, 430. John Deere Cotton Stripper 740. Great Plains planters.J.I. Case 223 Hay Conditioner Wheel.