Kenmore Washer Bearings & Seal Kit 4036ER2004A, 4280FR4048L, 4280FR4048E

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Kenmore Front Load Washing Machine Bearing & Seal Kit Contains:
1 Bearing (Equivalent to 4280FR4048E, AP4439183 & 1267498)
1 Bearing (Equivalent to 4280FR4048L, AP4437603 & 1267500)
1 Front seal (Equivalent to 4036ER2004A, AP4438637 & 1267489)

All of our bearings are High Quality Aftermarket bearings.

Kenmore 79640512900
Kenmore 79640518900
Kenmore 79641022900
Kenmore 79641028900
Kenmore 79641029900
Kenmore 79641172210
Kenmore 79641272210
Kenmore 79641372210
Kenmore 79641372211
Kenmore 79641373211
Kenmore 79641379210
Kenmore 79642192900
Kenmore 79642198900
Kenmore 79642199900

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