LG Seal Kit4036ER2004A AP4437603 4280FR4048E 4036ER4001B

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NEW Kenmore and LG Front Load Washer OEM LG Seal, Gasket AND 2 Bearings Includes: 1 rear bearing 4280FR4048E, AP4439183, 1267498 (Replacement) 1 front bearing 4280FR4048L, AP4437603, 1267500 (Replacement) 1 Factory LG front seal 4036ER2004A, AP4438637, 1267489 (OEM) 1 Factory LG Tub Gasket 4036ER4001B (OEM) WORKS WITH KENMORE MODELS: 79640272900 79640311900 79640318900 79640441900 79640448900 79640512900 79640518900 79641022900 79641028900 79641029900 79641272210 79642192900 79642198900 79642199900 79640272800 WORKS WITH LG MODELS: CW2079CWD CW2079CWN CW2079CWN CW2079CWD WM0001HTMA WM0532HW WM0642HW WM0642HW WM0742HGA WM0742HWA WM1832CW WM2032HS WM2032HW WM2042CW WM2050CW WM2075CW WM2077CW WM2101HW WM2233HD WM2233HS WM2233HU WM2233HU WM2233HW WM2233HW WM2277HB WM2277HS WM2277HW WM2301HR WM2432HW WM2442HW WM2455HG WM2455HW WM2487HRM WM2487HRMA WM2487HWM WM2487HWMA WM2496HSM WM2496HWM WM2501HVA WM2655HVA WM2677HSM WM2688HNM WM2688HNMA WM2688HWM WM2688HWMA WM2801HLA WM2801HRA WM2801HWA WM3001HPA WM3001HRA WM3001HWA WM3431HS WM3431HS WM3431HW WM3431HW WM3632HW WM3677HW WM3988HWA DOES NOT FIT LG MODELS BELOW: WM1815CS WM2010CW WM2016CW WM1812CW WM1814CW DOES NOT FIT KENMORE MODELS BELOW: 79648852800 79640021900 79648842800 or any other model that is NOT listed above OR model numbers starting with 110