Microwave Door Handle Black Fit General Electric AP2021171, PS232100, WB15X10020

Collections: Microwave Door Handle, Microwave Parts

Product type: Appliance Parts

Vendor: Best Bearings

Tags: Door Handle, GE, Microwave



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Replaces the following part numbers:
Part Number: WB15X10020 (AP2021171) Replaces: 769527, AH232100, EA232100, PS232100, WB15X0334, WB15X334.

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Fits models: GE JVM1350SY01 GE JVM1350SY02 GE JVM1340BW02 GE JVM1339BW02 GE JVM1350BW02 GE JVM1330BW02 GE JVM1331BW02 GE JVM1341BW02 GE JVM1330BW03 GE JVM1340BW03 GE JVM1339BW03 GE JVM1350BW03 GE JVM1331BW03 GE JVM1330BW04 GE JVM1350BW01 GE JVM1331BW01 GE JVM1331BW04 GE JVM1340BW01 GE JVM1341BW03 GE JVM1330BW01 GE JVM1339BW01 GE JVM1341BW01